• Hey there songwriters! A good buddy of mine Brent Baxter has a songwriters Radio Show on ITunes titled The Climb Show! http://theclimbshow.com Take a listen when you can. In it he talks about making sure you are prepared to FEED YOUR MUSE when inspiration strikes!

    Many of us think that songwriting is a hobby! Hey I will just write something occasionally and most likely no one will ever hear it, but at least I was happy for that moment! But for SOME OF US, songwriting is the lover we always dreamed of! I personally cannot turn it off. Inspiration for me happens so often, that I just cannot ignore it!

    I wake up at odd times of the night with great ideas for songs! Well, great is debatable, but at least they are undeniably IDEAS! These musical thought happen when I’m driving, walking, eating, etc. To capture them, I always keep my voice recorder, which is NOW my PHONE, but even back in the day it was an actual walkman or MP3 recorder.

    So my question for today is, are you catching all of your inner Muse ideas? Ignoring them may be a missed opportunity to creating that HIT song you’ve been wanting!

    Keep the dream alive Songwriters! It only happens when you WORK YOUR CRAFT! Stay focussed on the lover you always wanted! — hopefully that’s MUSIC!