• I have a MILLION Unfinished SONGS — NOW WHAT!!


    If you’re like me, and I bet you are, you have tons of songs that are in the middle of being written. They are just sitting there in a state of “I don’t know where to take this song next” stage! I feel kind of stupid for having to admit this, but I recently realized that I may be sitting on a gold mine of opportunity!Yesterday I spent quite a few hours going through my songs to figure out which of them would be great candidates for a loop library. I also began creating samples for personalized drum banks. If you are unfamiliar with loop libraries and samples — well that just means you are a REAL MUSICIAN and you don’t care about such things! — but SHOULD YOU?

    Loop libraries are all the rage with music producers because it allows them to be creative especially if they cannot play other instruments. More so, it makes them faster at making a great sound as the sound has already been captured well, and now they can use their creativity to make it their own! And as a songwriter, this is yet another area for you to sell your “unfinished songs”! Still confused, no worries, I think I just figured out yet another topic for a future Meetup! Stay creative my friends!