• We understand that you may have JUST found us online and recorded your project in other studios – it happens! But what do you do if the sound from the other studio did not sound as radio-ready as you hoped? No worries, Brownout Studios has you covered. We can mix and master your recordings even if you recorded them yourself. Mixing is the art of knowing how to resolve distractions in a recording.

    Our process is simple, we first listen to the raw recording, decide what problems within the raw mix need to be resolved, solo those problems our and correct them one by one. Once the raw recording is corrected, we then go about doing all of the things required to bring your recording up to radio ready standards. Now we will admit, this is where experience and quality equipment really plays an important a pivotal role. Our Mix Engineers have over 20 years-experience at music and have worked in just about every genre, so we definitely have something awesome to bring to your next project. Prices start at $150 / mix project. 

    So tell us about your project!