• Mixing/Mastering

    $150 per song/track

  • Recording

    $40 per hour

    $400 per day

  • Side by Side Songwriting

    Do you have ideas for a song, but need someone to help you make it into something you can hear? There are several ways we can assist you make your musical dreams come true…

    • Side by Side – you have the ideas for the song and just need someone to push the right buttons
      • $40 / hour until the song is done
  • Split Sheet Co-Writing

    You send us a raw idea of what you are looking for but leave the creative ideas to us to make the vision come true. Because of the subjective nature of this style of writing, we only take on songs we know we can have success in making your vision come true. As a result we charge a little differently. It typically takes us 16 or more hours to write the track and then produce a high-quality saleable demo of the song. The demo will be one that any music executive and decision maker will find viable for publishing. So for our time we want to be partners in the success of the song, which is very much to your benefit as well. Therefore we charge an up-front engagement fee of $350, and points for publishing. We will offer a split sheet that has a breakdown as follows all depending on how engaged you want for us to be…

    • 25% music production
    • 25% song arrangement
    • 25% lyrics
    • 25% melody
    • We allow for up to 2 revisions of the final product as long as the revisions do not change the quality or salability of the final product.
  • Full Ownership Co-Writing

    We understand that some songwriters prefer to maintain all of the rights to the music, but just need some assistance making their visions come true. With that in mind, we can fully write and produce a track with vocals as a work for hire. The standard rate for this is $1,250 per track with up to 2 revisions.

  • Adding Song Parts

    You already have some things recorded for your song, but need the performance and production to be top notch. We can add instruments to your songs to make them sound perfected, balanced, professional.

    • Bass $150
    • Live Session Drums $150
    • Drum Programming $150
    • Vocalists $150
    • Guitar $150
    • Violin and other strings $150
    • Keyboard $150
    • Call us for other instruments