• So now you are at the point where you have practiced your song well and are now ready to begin the next part of the process -- recording. At Brownout Studios, we take an analog approach to digital music creation that ensures you have the most current radio ready sound money can buy. We use state of the art microphone, pre-amps, and other high-quality gear to assure that we get you the best possible sound. Another very important factor that a studio must have is a process that makes the talent, that’s YOU, feel very comfortable and at ease when you are recording.

    At Brownout, our rooms are designed to make you feel like you are recording in your living room instead of the dungeons most other studios boast. Our vocal booth is designed to give you plenty of space, but also feel cozy and private, allowing the vocalist to escape into their own world to capture the mood of the song. Our live room is the ideal size for recording bands or multiple person projects. We call the space your Project Studio. It’s the perfect environment for that home recording feel with a professional sound. When you leave our studio, your project will sound like it should be on the radio! 

    So tell us about your project!