• Hello fellow songwriters! I was reading this article http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/the-return-of-the-song-plugger-the-unsung-heros-behind-songw.html­

    and noticed some great nuggets of information that I thought I would share. Once you have a great song you should seek a song plugger to help you get it placed. But the competition is still, as we have already talked about before. You and your songwriting team need to make sure you have strong material to present. The passage below explains this well, from the above article link! HAPPY SONGWRITING!

    It’s also worth noting that the role of the songwriter has changed dramatically since the early days of the music business. The modern songwriting market is more competitive than ever, and writers have had to up their game in order to keep pace with the industry. Whereas previous eras may have seen a ‘lyrics guy’ and a ‘music guy’ (a la Bernie Taupin and Elton John) getting major placements with piano and vocal demos, today’s songwriters are far more specialized. Terms such as ‘topliner,’ ‘chords man’ and ‘beatmaker’ are now an everyday part of the lexicon of songwriting. More often than not, producers are involved from the very beginning, with demos becoming the final master with very minor tweaks.

    In 2016, the songwriting process is extremely targeted, with teams of writers crafting songs to meet the needs of high profile artists. Yet with the number of professional songwriters actually in decline, it’s no longer practical to write generically and hope the song ends up in the right hands. A plugger is essential to get songs heard by, and placed with, the right people, as part of a broader digitally-savvy publishing operation. A strong team can identify key market trends and respond quickly and efficiently on the supply side, capitalizing on the work of the plugger by providing an efficient licensing, promotion and legal operation. While the day to day role of the plugger may have changed immeasurably, in many ways we’re all still doing what we’ve always done in this business: getting great music out into the world.