• Hey there my fellow songwriters! So I hear many of you tell me you want to become songwriters, but like everything you want to be good at, you must PRACTICE what you preach! Being a songwriter means at least weekly flexing your creative muscles and writing SOMETHING! Without that, you’re just another person with a dream that can NEVER be reality!

    An interesting discovery I am hoping you have also made about being a songwriter is that its rarely done alone now! It really takes a network of talents to make a hit song these days! So are you networking with like minded songwriters? You joined this group, so at least a step has been taken, but if you are not involved in this or other groups, are you really SERIOUS about your dream?

    Perhaps you feel you need to be in a LARGER community of songwriters before you feel you can network and show off your skills? I’m not quite sure that makes sense, but one thing is for sure, if you see how much interaction happens at the larger level, you may be more motivated to work your local community more seriously to gain the sound, experience, and quality you need to compete….

    So I offer you a little more knowledge of what is out there in the world of songwriting! Join this faceBook group that I too am a part of! My buddy Brent Baxter has started a great FB community of songwriters from all over the world that network and share ideas and team up to help each other build great songs! Check it out and participate¬†https://www.facebook….¬≠

    Happy Songwriting team!