• So you are a songwriter, but now you need to prove it right? A great demo goes a long way to showcasing your songs to music publishers, supervisors, or even other artists. In order to present your songs to anyone in the business you have to remove all distractions from the sound so that they can properly hear your original ideas and concepts. Typically, the “demo” as we call it, needs to be radio ready – sounding great from the start. At Brownout Studios we have a process of working with songwriters to get what’s in your head to sound well when listened to by the right people for your genre. We will sit down with you, virtually, or in our studios, to listen to your ideas and make sure we understand what quality of sound you are looking for in your productions.

    From there, we will make sure we understand all the instrumentation you are needed that fits appropriately for your genre. Depending on how much of the song you already have established, we can work creatively side-by-side with you, live or virtual, to make your song happen, naturally, as if you wrote it all by yourself. So whether you need full co-write services, or just a few parts added to your ideas to make them sound complete, we are ready to help you with expert precision to make you sound radio-ready! So tell us about your project! Prices start at $40/hr for simple works, or you can commission us as co-writers starting at $350 / song. 

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