Osie Brown (aka OZ) has a music production degree from James Madison University. He is well versed in the art of engineering, mixing, arranging, mastering, and music production. As an accomplished musician he can also play or sing on your tracks. OZ is classically trained in Opera performance, vocal jazz, and violin performance. So from backups to being behind the console, he has your project covered. As an engineer, Oz will make you feel right at home in the studio. Being a musician helps because if there's ever sections where you are uncomfortable or needing more ideas to make the performance really stand out, Oz can assist. His ability to score parts for you if necessary, backed by his in depth knowledge of several genres and styles makes him the ideal assistant to making sure you get the performance you are needing for your tracks.



    Dylan Simons is educated as an audio engineer with training in live sound and recording engineering from Rowan College at Burlington County. Not only does he have several years of experience in the field, but he is also a multi-instrumentalist. This skill is an important one to have as it has made him more talented of a songwriter while also allowing him to branch out into more genres which will help you get the kind of sound that you’re looking for.

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